Sonwynvale is a border city in the realm of Mahakam, which garners most of its wealth from import/export with the neighbouring country of Val Dolodid.


Sonwynvale is a sprawling city, built on the Sea of Grasses and bordering the Barringate Woods. As such, there are many farms, wineries and logging industries active in the area. It is separated from Val Dolodid by the Val Maha River, which is crossed only by a guarded bridge.

The climate is warmer than that of Val Dolodid’s, and as such different flora and fauna can be encountered here.


Most of Sonwynvale’s wealth comes from trade. They produce and export wines, artisan foods, furniture and other kinds of carpentry, while they import metals and labour for work in their industries.


Sonwynvale is incredibly multicultural, partly due to its role as a trading post, and partly due to the inherent characteristics of the Mahakam nation. While more money does equal better social standing, there is very little poverty. The government will employ the unemployed in low skilled jobs such as street cleaning in efforts to stop beggars. Literacy is high, as schools are provided to all tax paying citizens of the city.


The governing body of Sonwynvale is a bureaucracy, with multiple governing departments reporting to the Castellan, Lord Carson de Fowbray. He was elected by the Queen of Mahakam, Her Royal Highness Maerwynn Hildegard, The Good and The Just.
Like the rest of the realm, the city runs on permits. These are required to enter certain locations, run businesses, or to enter into trade agreements. You must expect to acquire these permits in order to do anything in Sonwynvale.


Magic is widespread in the city, and the services of spellcasters are available for a price. Teleportation circles are offered, and there is a guild for every school of magic. Mages are also prevalent in the city guard.


Personal worship is unrestricted, though to preach or hold sermons you must have a permit. There are temples to Waukeen, Lathander, Yondalla, Chauntea, and Mielikki available.

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Important buildings
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Important NPCs
Lord Carson de Fowbray


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