The entity known most recently dubbed as “Crickery” has popped up in almost all rural and urban locales across Val Dolodid over the last 300 years. Whether noted down in formal records, or merely recited as folk tales, his whimsical touch was felt far and wide in the form of pranks, jests, capers and shenanigans. Most folk merely experienced the benign side; tools moving around workshops, overflowing beer mugs, odd localized rainfall, and kisses stolen by vanishing young men and women, much to the amusement of all.

Those souls whom could be judged less than benevolent however, found these tricks had a more malevolent bent. Specters haunting them in the night, spirits leading them to become lost in the forest, and sudden paralysis had all been reported. Although no serious harm was ever done, the ‘evildoers’ often quickly repented their ways and set not a toe out of line from them on.

On occasion, the enigmatic firbolg takes an interest in some cause or another, joining questing adventurers or travelling entertainers, although his motives have never become apparent.


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